SPRO Swivels

SPRO Swivels
SPRO Power Swivels come with a heavy pound test in a compact size. This allows for reduced visibility with unbelievable strength. These compact swivels work well for both flat and down lines where stealth and power are required!

SPRO Ball Bearing Swivels offer anglers the ultimate in smooth rotation while retaining exceptional durability. Available in NS Black or Nickel in Snap Lock, Coast Lock and Split Rings!

SPRO Heavy Swivels are commercial quality hardware available to everyday anglers. Whether you’re after monster catfish, Mako Sharks or even Tuna SPRO Heavy Swivels are the highest quality available!

SPRO Power Ball Bearing Swivels are the latest technology for anglers that need it all. The smooth rotation that only a ball bearing swivel can offer with the size and strength that only SPRO has mastered. SPRO Power Ball Bearings are simply the best available-Period!

See below for high quality SPRO Swivels, snaps and split rings!